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"Was..I not good enough?"
"Why would you say that?"
"Was it something I did?"
"Was it..something I said?"
"How could you?"
"I don't miss you.."
"I miss you so much, my heart bleeds when I think of you.."
"It's my fault.."
"I should have been there."
"I'm..so..so sorry I couldn't protect you."
"You're dead to me."
"Maybe he was right."
"Maybe she was right."
"I'm not worth your while, am I?"
"Am I so insignificant?"
"I need you."
"It's your choice, now you have to live with it."
"I want to be once again with you."
"You choose the road, love. And I'll make the vows."
"You had it coming."
"You only have yourself to blame."
"I only have myself to blame."
"I have only tears to shed."
"My heart is black and my mind is darkness.."
"The truth is, we're both frauds."
"At least you had good intentions."
"He was too strong."
"I hate this life."
"Once something is truly lost, one can never get it back again."
"You had better start believing in nightmares, you're in one."
"Don't worry about my falling limbs and broken heart, my stitches feel no pain. I love you, that's all that matters."
"You just have to let it go."
"Some things happen, and there is nothing you can do about it."
"This the end."
"Scream all you want, no one can hear you."
"No one can save you now."
"Rest in peace."
"You will never see the light again."
"Just let me die."
"Just leave me behind."
"I won't say it to him, but he's got us beat."
"There is still a way to defeat you."
"Fine, knock yourself out. I mean it."
"You're not a cat. You're a rat."
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"Shit…er, ‘scuse me, but have you seen my— …sister around here? She’s really short, has long dark hair, wears an orange dress and headband with a bow?”

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I Swear This Is An RP Blog: A Musical 

Featuring such hits as

  • Maybe I’ll RP Today and its reprise No Wait Nevermind
  • What Was The Plot of This RP Again?
  • Fuck My Partner Deleted Their Blog

And the ever classic

  • I’m a Lazy Bastard

Starring everyone’s favourite 

  •  Nobody’s replied and its reprise Fuck everyone’s replied
Artist: Imagine Dragons vs Bastille
Track: "Pompeii is Radioactive"
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an actual remix and not just the songs layered on each other??? FINALLY. i hate it when tumblr is like “oh man BEST REMIX EVER” and it sounds like shit because it’s literally just two songs on top of each other like ugh. 



Shoutout to all the artists on Tumblr who work on something for weeks and only get 4 notes

Shoutout to all the artists on Youtube who do amazing speedpaints and, if they’re lucky, will get 500 views

Shoutout to all underappreciated artists who do amazing work and receive no recognition

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♋Corpse Party yay or nay ?? 83


♋Corpse Party

Carlos had no idea how he got roped into this. Honestly, he never much liked the idea of these urban legend games, especially given his current situation. But, somehow, there he was holding the edges of a paper cutout while his gut twisted and sunk to his toes.

"…Why are we doing this again?" He asked, eyeing the innocent-looking paper cutout. Sachiko’s doll? Was that what it was called? Man, he didn’t know. All he knew was that it was supposed to mean they would never be apart or something like that. 

But why the hell was he doing it with someone he barely knew?

Jeez, was he really that lonely?

"I mean, it’s just a game. It isn’t like it’s actually going to work, right?" Now he was just trying to comfort himself. 

Celeste, a short female teenager, lightly glared/pouted at the other and huffed in exasperation. “Well, I just thought it would be a— I dunno. Nice gesture in honor of— um. Maybe sorta…beginning of a friendship?” A sheepish smile. “…aaaand maybe I’m bored and found this and you were the closest person around to try it on. So~!”

With a clap of delight and as she pushed up her ivory half-rimmed glasses, making it glint in the light, the asian girl confidently approached Carlos and held onto the other end of the paper cutout. “Yeah, sure, of course~ No worries! It’ll be a fun little thing to do to pass the time,” she easily dismissed him. “Now, what we gotta do is chant the phrase, 'Sachiko, we beg of you’, three times in our heads because it’s supposed to be one time for each participant, including Sachiko herself. We can’t say it too many times or too few, or else we’ll invoke her wraaath~!” Celeste adopted a ‘spookier’ tone at the end for emphasis before laughing a little. “Then we pull the paper doll apart and keep our piece of the doll. And that’s it~ Sounds simple enough for ya?”

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little pixel 4 u blog.

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Mini Celeste was starting to get worried. Cameron usually came back from the Void after at least ten minutes, but now about forty-five minutes had passed by. That was the longest he had ever been gone from her so far. What could possibly have happened? Did something go wrong? Was he in trouble? Mini couldn’t stand the thought of her older brother being caught in something dangerous and she couldn’t be there to rescue him. Of course, she didn’t exactly know how she would do it, considering the fact that she hadn’t quite mastered her puppeteer powers yet, the ability of seeing the strings aside. Still…she would try. For him.

A deep, soft sigh escaped her little lips. “Pwease come bwack safewy, Cammy…”

At the moment, the tiny girl was merely wandering around an abandoned amusement park in Zone 2 with Cameron’s Add-On, Airosic, naturally following close behind her. The hovering black half-scissors always acted as a second guardian for the female puppeteer whenever Cameron had to do business elsewhere. A dark aura radiated from the Add-On, but Mini didn’t mind. Airosic was actually very pleasant company and nice to talk to.

"Hmm…yuu thwink we ca’ fwind tweasure?" she asked him, eyes glittering in delight and she put a small skip in her step. "Mwaybe thur swum still he’eh! Teehee~" Then Cameron would be super proud of her!

The girl happily twirled around a few times just at the idea, the skirt of her orange dress flapping quietly with each spin. Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to explore and search for hidden rare items, right? She didn’t have much else to do anyways!

Airosic though just sort of hesitantly allowed the little player to do as she please.

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The voices? The ones in the Nothingness?” Rick tilted his head slightly. 

He nodded when she asked him if he was a puppeteer. But the moment she mentioned his broken strings, for a split second, worry ( or was it fear? ) flashed across his face.

My puppet is…I lost them. Both of them. But it’s alright, I can always find another one,” he shrugged, trying to resume to his chill facade. 

He sat back down, cross-legged, next to the girl.

I know we just met but..you can just think of me as another big bro, okay?”

"Yep! I dun weally wike ‘em, cuz dey seem sorta scawy…buh Cammy shez he’s dur new pwophet sho he vewy importhant!"

After listening to Rick’s explanation, she made an ‘ohhh’ sound of understanding and nodded her head. “Daz twue…Puppesh are evweywhere, so chuu fwind one shometime~” the girl giggled.

Mini’s eyes sparkled and she clapped her hands gleefully. “Yaaaay~! Two big bwos!! Dat mweans more bwue stwings!~ Can yuu shee ‘em, can ya, can ya??”

She made an exaggerated gesture by pressing a hand over her heart and then used her small index finger to trace the ‘string’ in the air in zig-zags before she stepped towards Rick and poked his chest.

"Boop!~ We’re connec’twed!" More girlish laughter spilled from her little grinning mouth.

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"I thwink yuu gah somethin' in yur hair, miss!"


What?! Is it a bug!?”

"Nope~ Ish swomethin’ white and fuzzy!" the mini puppeteer giggled in amusement.

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